Riga has given many pearls to the culture of Europe and the world the most important architectural marvels include the Old Riga, Art Noveau, and wooden architecture. 

An elusive value is the multicultural environment that has been characteristic from the very beginning, since people of many various nationalities have lived here together the Latvians, Germans, Russians, Poles, Swedes, Finns and others.

This variety through Johann Gottfried Herder and Immanuel Kant has played an important role in development of the German Enlightenment Philosophy, has been the cradle for the cinema genius Sergey Eisenstein, philosopher Isaiah Berlin and an asylum for the opera grand Richard Wagner, and for centuries has been a source of inspiration for a range of other famous European people.

Guests of the city will be able to enjoy pearls of music performed by the world-renowned Latvian choirs, magnificent opera staging, modern art performances, popular music concerts, art exhibitions, grand national celebrations and many more events, which the guests can take part in.

Of course, with COVID-19 many performances and festivities become and will became limited, postponed or transferred in time, but still Riga stay attractive destination point for city guests.

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Information about events
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